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Reply To: How, if at all, will you take the information you’ve learned in this course and apply it to how you read and interpret scripture? What, if anything, will you pass along to your own community?

AvatarKendal Beloglazov

This course taught me the importance of Bible literacy and fluency. As a new Christian, I appreciated the exhortation this course gave to know the plots and themes of biblical narratives and to practice reading whole narratives in context. In addition to being biblically fluent, I need to know the general overview of scripture. As a teacher, this is a useful method to use with my young students. Since taking this course, I’ve focused on asking my students after we read a Bible story who the characters were, what the problem was, if a solution was employed or not, what the text tells us about God and ourselves, and what the story teaches us about how we should think and behave in our modern context. Furthermore, this course encouraged me to seek the voices of the biblical authors and understand the original context. I plan to pass this advice on to my students too!