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Reply To: How, if at all, will you take the information you’ve learned in this course and apply it to how you read and interpret scripture? What, if anything, will you pass along to your own community?

AvatarRebekah Barton

Your observation about the Bible’s interconnectedness is insightful. The Hebrew Scriptures provide the foundation, with Psalms and Prophets elaborating on Mosaic Law and Covenant. The New Testament then builds upon this rich tradition, fulfilling prophecies and reinterpreting them through the lens of Jesus’ life and teachings.
This “connecting the dots” approach is indeed crucial for understanding the Bible’s overarching message. By tracing themes and references across texts, we see a progressive narrative unfold. Consider how the Psalms echo themes of justice from the Law, while Prophets grapple with its application in their times. Similarly, the New Testament recontextualizes these themes in light of Christ’s teachings. This interconnectedness allows us to appreciate the Bible’s richness and continuity.