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Reply To: Analyze one of the supplementary Bible passages in light of the course content. Do you see evidence of the Hebraic map? Did anything about the passage surprise you? Was there any part of the passage that stuck out to you in particular?

AvatarDane Litchfield

My read of The Book of James for this course greatly highlighted two pillars of the Hebraic map: Personality and Responsibility. We are greeted in verse 5 with the charge to grow in wisdom so that our actions reflect true religion in Christ, just as the Hebraic map calls us to recognize the bodily and spiritual factors within a conflict, or, as James put it, a trial. In wrestling with sin, we are reminded of the itchy in-between space that we find ourselves as Christians, ever hopeful for the fulfillment of our personality in Jerusalem.

Responsibility follows as the response to the formation of Personality by the reception of wisdom. Elsewhere in the New Testament, we read that this wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit that descended on both the Jordan at Jesus’ Baptism and again on Pentecost in the Upper Room. Following this course, I wish to ponder more deeply the ways the Holy Spirit works through the Hebraic Map, seeing as the virtues and gifts that make up a Philos leader draw from those original gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Responsibility incarnates personality, and makes the Kingdom of God known and seen in His Church.