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Reply To: Analyze one of the supplementary Bible passages in light of the course content. Do you see evidence of the Hebraic map? Did anything about the passage surprise you? Was there any part of the passage that stuck out to you in particular?

AvatarGrace Bedrosian

I tried to look back at some of the earlier scriptures tying in with the supplementary passages that support findings of the Hebraic map. Considering Deuteronomy 4:41-43, we see where the scope of what the Lord promised his people matches what we know to be true: modern day Israelites do not have possession over the lands their forefathers had which they deem theirs given to them by God. Politics aside in this specific comment, so much of history and facts of the Bible explain some of the tension between the people groups. Violence unjustified, the passages I read help bring better understanding to the course content and give context to what is going on in the minds of some of Israel. I think before, I simply disregarded or didn’t understand the fact that the Lord’s chosen race was promised so much more than I knew so I was surprised as I read and dug into the course/scriptures more. This was an area that I never compared to modern geography and politics so yes, I would say that I find evidence for the Hebraic map.