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Reply To: What are some of the issues with which we, as Christians, can find common ground with Muslims? How can we engage and unite on those issues?

AvatarMonica Kellogg

The basic human experience unites Christians with Muslims, as with any other people group or religion. We need food, shelter and clothes. We want love, acceptance, recognition and recognition for accomplishments. Further, both believe that the pinnacle of our eternal existence is not in this life, but in the next and that the choices we make here and now directly affect the afterlife that awaits us. We both believe in the first five books of the Bible. We both believe in one God (though Christians further identify Him as the Trinity). We both believe in the story of the beginning of the world and of our forefathers. We believe Jesus has come to Earth and that he will return (though his title and position is different to each group).
It is easier to first engage and unite as simply people, as neighbors. Once a rapport is established, possibly even friendships, then deeper conversations can be had on different issues. It is important to remember that my objective is not to bring anyone fully to their salvation. My goal is to demonstrate to other’s the Jesus that lives in me and allow Him to plant those seeds he deems adequate for each person’s heart. In practical ways, there are many ways to engage and opportunities to collaborate with Muslims. It is my hope to keep this in mind, even through this difficult time, when war brings powerful emotions to the very surface, making it a challenge.