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Reply To: Have you ever been told that supporting Israel prevents you from supporting Palestinians? After taking this course, how would you go about responding to false accusations like this?

AvatarThomas Lashley

Actually yes. I go to a church filled with both regular and radical traditional Catholics. Some of them have tried to tell me that it is worse in Israel for Palestinians and especially Palestinian Christian living in Israel. I have heard some of the same “From the River to the Sea Palestine shall be free”. I ask they what river and what see? I ask them what will happen to the Jews if all of Israel becomes all of Palestine they say that all Jews should become Christian refusing to consider genocide. I think that a two state solution is the best solution, but only if the sovereignty of Israel for Jews and all demographics living there is guaranteed. There is a popular saying “First Saturday, then Sunday”. Meaning first Jews then Christians. So a secure Israel is security for everyone. If Jews cannot have a nation to live in safety just like everyone else then there is no way the conflict can end. No person would say suicide is the answer of a debate among two people, why should a nation be forced to commit suicide and risk the genocide of its people?