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Reply To: What were some of your primary takeaways after reading Matti Friedman’s “There Is No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’”?

AvatarIvor Starkey

Friedman’s piece highlights the geopolitical realities and complexities that both Israelis and Palestinians face, and how they can become distorted when seen from an outside ‘zoomed-out,’ point of view. For example, after the widespread protests and disorder in the West provoked by the current war in Gaza, I can see how the image of Palestine has become abstracted, and its context in the Arab world and wider Middle East lost. The threat of Iran is constant and the actions of its proxies unpredictable, meaning Israel may have to face international condemnation in order to preempt an attack on its territory, such as in their occupation of the West Bank.

Given the complexity of the situation, Christians could offer a unique ”outside-in,” view. Unlike other actors, we have no immediate interests in the region (as there is no Christian state), and so only hope to be able to see our Holy Land enjoy the peace it deserves.