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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Bernard Haines

There is a program at my company that’s an interfaith program for people of different faiths to come together and speak about their faiths and beliefs with one another in a respectful way. I believe this could be a great first step toward just beginning to understand some other Christian views (as well as other faiths). My wife has a piano teacher who is an Armenian Christian she could be another great resource to explore other Christian traditions. But of course the simplest way would most likely to attend Christian gatherings and services in my area that are from different backgrounds and traditions. Get to k ow the members of those churches and learn the differences, why they believe what they believe and how they may live out their faiths differently from myself. It would take significant effort to go out of your way to interact, get to know and show love to those who practice their faith differently.