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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?


I’m a Brazilian living today in the US. I’m having today a living experience about connecting to different traditions, with my transition from the Brazilian to the US church – it is not the same difference as the one between the churches in the west and the near east, but the cultural differences brings challenges to connection and relationship. Here are some major factors I found over the way that are improving my relationships in the church:

1) Open Heart: There is a reason I encountered this person or church. I need to have an open heart to know and understand them, even if they do things different than me.
2) Investment: I need to invest in the relationship to work. It is not easy to build connections, specially when there are differences. If I dedicate myself to the other and learn from them, the connections will grow to be bigger than the differences.
3) love and Respect: When disagreements happen, respect the other person, as he is also a loved son of God. Always respect the other even when points of view clashes, and try to focus on the points you agree with to maintain the relationship. Even in the church we grow in we don’t agree 100%, we can disagree but with respect and love in the center.