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Reply To: Have you been exposed to harmful antisemitic tropes about Jewish control over finances or foreign policy? After participating in this course, how would you go about responding to these tropes if you encounter them?

Sandra Remilien

I have not been exposed to antisemitic tropes about Jewish control over finances or foreign policy, but I am aware of the antisemitic tropes because I read reports from the Anti Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

I disagree with Amanda’s comment about us not doing a good job of teaching the truth in classrooms today. I learned the truth about the Holocaust in my European history class in high school. I think what people don’t do a good job of is talking about the myths and lies about the Holocaust while they are teaching about the Holocaust. Some people unlike I, believe lies about the Holocaust because that’s what their relatives or friends believe.

If Jews controlled the media, foreign policy and banking, then there wouldn’t be some much antisemitism and Joe Biden and Democrats would not vote against giving money to Israel.

Amanda, I don’t think the antisemitic tropes are so deep that it will take a long time to change the public’s mind and teach people the truth.