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Reply To: Which of the conflicts featured in the “100 Years of Conflict” lecture did you find to be the most interesting and why?


I believe the Arab-Israeli conflict is the most significant above all other conflicts. Although the Near East is a boiling pot and there are conspiracies, plots, change of power and influence among the nations and people groups in the region that can be observed in the conflicts of Shia x Sunni, the struggle for influence between Saudi, Iran, Turkey. The internal work for power in the westernised configuration of nations after WWI, but again, nothing compares to the struggle of all other nations against their common enemy Israel. today we could even be more broad and define the conflict as a muslim-jewish conflict. Is the quarrel of the nations of the Middle East against Israel. Because of that, to understand the Israeli-palestinian conflict and all the wars they fought in the past hundred years, is of singular importance to the ones who want to understand the region and actively participate in bringing thoughtful solutions to this milenar conflict that started in the tents of Abraham. as we understand the ancient roots and the modern sparks to bring the conflict to where it’s today, we will be able to address it in a moral and responsible way, that often is so different than the main stream way of responding to it.