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Reply To: What were your primary takeaways after reading “Lebanon: Past Challenges, Present Calamities, Future Prospects”? Is there hope for preserving a pluralistic Lebanon in the future?

AvatarAlie Brand

What a sad story…

Lebanon started as a country where minority communities and different faith communities (Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Muslims, Christians) could experienced freedom. Lebanese Christians and Muslims were building a flourishing, multi-religious and most pluralistic Arab state in the region. It indeed combines the best of East and West.

But rampant corruption and foreign occupation have pushed the country over the edge. Aided by crooked oligarchs, Iran and its proxy Hezbollah maintain their stranglehold on the country. This imminent collapse of Lebanon is certain to give Iran, Turkey, Russia, and China the perfect foothold to project power against Europe, the US and and Israel.

I believe there is still hope for Lebanon, but time is running out.
I fully agree that a potential solution for the ongoing crisis is creative Federalism that would allow Lebanon’s heterogeneous society to exist peacefully.