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Reply To: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of UAV weaponry in the Near East? How do you think technological advancements will continue to shape warfare globally?

Alie Brand

UAV has advantages and disadvantages in the Near East warfare.


– Arming drones work easy – detecting them is difficult, and the munitions being used
to fight them are costly.
– Offer access to hard-to-reach locations like remote, rural, or disaster-stricken
areas that are typically inaccessible through conventional methods.
– Allows a force to save time, money, and lives to hit the desired targets.
– Can seize accurate data, register regular habits and recognize suspicious activities
without permission.


– Prone to data theft and hacking. Hackers can quickly attack a drone’s central
control system and become the drone’s original controller.
– Limited flight time.
– Motion blur, camera focus blur, and adverse weather conditions can affect the
quality of UAV imagery and data

Critical technologies like cyber, virtual, and augmented reality (VR/AR), AI, and 3D printing are making new warfighting tools available, even as traditional ones like nuclear weapons are witnessing a resurgence. It allow military and security services to harness the power of the data moving around the globe.