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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

AvatarBernard Haines

I grew up not thinking much of Israel or the israelites. When I thought of the israelites in the old testament I often thought of a people who continually failed that we should try not to emulate. And when I thought about the israelites in the new testament I often thought of the leaders, the sadducees and pharasees.
I would not say I was taught to hate them and I knew that there were jews who believed and were saved. Recently though Ober the past few years I have begun to understand much more deeply God’s love for the Israelites His chosen people. And His love for Israel His chosen land .
I think the best way to combat these unbiblical viewpoints in our Christian communities is to first be a strong presence in your respective Christian community be active and engaged, be trusted and looked to for advice or guidance. The next step is to be willing to talk about it whenever the opportunity presents itself in bible study, over dinner. Perhaps Learn about and host Shabbat dinners on the sabbath occasionally (or weekly) and take that opportunity to express God’s view of His chosen people and His chosen land.