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Reply To: After completing this course, do you agree with the statement, “Hebraic Thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in the history of humanity.” Why or why not?


Yes, Hebrew thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in the history of mankind, if understood as divine guidance given to men.
As Dr. Johnson discussed in his lectures, all other forms of thought come from Hebrew and so many other ideas, such as Greek thought and even Arabs, who disagree on various points with the Hebrews, will agree on the most important points.
Moreover, on the points that generate disagreement, Hebrew thought comes out ahead because it leaves no gaps in any sphere of human life.

We can also consider the Bible, which, even though it was written thousands of years ago, still contains important points to be applied in our lives today; in fact, it can and should be used by Christians as a life manual. As said in the second lecture, the ideal would be to have literacy and biblical fluency, but just seeking fluency in what the Bible brings would be enough to change the way we see our lives and the lordship of Christ in our decisions.