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Reply To: Why is it important for Christians to keep the sad history of Christian antisemitism in mind when responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the present?

AvatarAlie Brand

Hi Michelle, that for a god summary. Therefore the recommendations of dr Nicholson are great!
– We cannot claim neutrality. As Christians we are bound to the Jews by a spiritual patrimony. Our emotional tie to the Jewish side will always be stronger.
– Affirm the morality of the Jewish state. There is no positive Christian engagement in the Near East that does not begin with friendship and support for the existence of Israel.
– See the big picture and understand the aspirations of both Palestinians and Israelis. They do not only fight for land, but because of what they believe to be true about the universe.
– Although we must be aware of the microcosm of Arab/Muslim civil wars that is the Palestinian society, we must support “outside-in” peace efforts, because it lower the climate of hostility and provide cover for a solution.