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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Alison Floth

I agree with the lecture that missions, both domestically and internationally, are grossly neglected. God has recently put me in a job where I get to live with the marginalized 24/7. I am the live in resident advisor for a Christian maternity home. We provide safe housing in addition to programming for homeless pregnant or parenting moms between the ages of 14-21. When this job opportunity first presenting itself, my initial response was no. I had done full time mission work before and was burnt out within a year. I had my hesitations and fears about reentering the field, especially since this job has me living with the people I would be constantly serving. God paused my spirit. What does is mean to be the hands and feet of Jesus? This incarnational ministry the lecture referenced is what I had surrendered to though. I needed to be obedient in saying yes. 6 months after saying yes to God and this job, I can confidently say that God is moving. The girls we take into the house come from traumatic backgrounds, I see how broken systems have failed our kids again and again. I know that God is calling us to action, to help be a part of the change.