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Reply To: In the first lecture, Dr. McDermott teaches that the Bible is one story, and that God upholds his covenant with the Jewish people to this very day. Was this what you were taught growing up? If not, how will this insight change the way you read the bible going forward?

Slade Czaja

As a child, I was brought up in a non-denominational church. I am not specifically sure what their beliefs were on this subject. I believe they had a favorable view of Israel as God’s people. I’m not sure how closely their beliefs aligned with what was taught here. For more or less five years now, I have been going to a PCA Church. The predominant view of that denomination on eschatology is Amillinianism. Without going into the specifics, they would normally see the Church made up of Jews and Gentiles being seen as Israel in the new Covenant. My Pastor though and some at the school I now study at (Metro Baltimore Seminary), see in Romans 11 a plan that God still has for the Jewish people. I believe that all who are saved will be saved through the person of Jesus Christ the anointed one. In the Old and New Covenants. But I see in Romans 11 a promise of God to draw back to Himself many Jews. As Dr. McDermott pointed out, they are still Beloved of God for the sake of His promises (Romans 11:28). As far as reading the Bible goes, the whole of scripture finds its fulfillment in the person of Christ (Luke 24:44-45). This being said it is one continuous story. God is faithful to fulfill every promise He has spoken to the Jews. The Gentiles from every nation tribe and language are grafted into these promises. For all who eagerly await His return, He will bring salvation (Hebrews 9:28).