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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

James Dean

Basic Pathfinder Course

This course was another step in my path and journey. It was definitely a Godsend. As a Catholic theologian (undergraduate), I have been studying Judaism independently, and through a leading of the Holy Spirit, I began to reflect on our mystery in light of the Hebraic roots. I believe G-D gave me a vision of restoring that which was lost (the Message of the Kingdom) and bringing that original plan back into view for the church. A Renewed Vision and Renewed theology. While in much prayer over how this was to be done, the word Yeshiva came to me. I looked it up and YU came up, so I investigated and found the Philos Project. Same Vision, same Mission and how to do it?! To say my arms turned to goosebumps is an understatement. This course, I believe, is a path to teach us to be leaders who will be able to lead others on this Journey. This course allows us to reorient ourselves to the original map, the Hebraic Map, which definitely got lost in translation in the church, but allows us to help the church to rediscover this Hope. Knowing the truth of the mission allows us to make tough decisions in crisis but helps us by leading others through that desert and toward the promise. The Church can only understand her Mystery in light of the Jewish Roots. For we were grafted into this tree in which we are to grow into ONE new man (humanity). People see life through different lenses (mental maps) and that becomes their reality. Knowing this helps us to portray truth in diverse settings through plurality. Even if they seek truth (objective) by different means they will find that truth if they seek.
For me, like Abraham, I believe that I was called to this path. I was not aware of it except through a leading over the past 14 years that led to this point. I have recently left my career and started out, to pursue this further, as it became clearer, by revelation, the importance of this calling. Once I did, this I was led to this which is also in connection with Franciscan University which is another part of the story for another time. I stand in AWE!