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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Keren Mansbach

I am so grateful for Philos providing education via pathfinder courses. Dr Mcdermott for giving eye-opening lessons on our history as Christians and the need to speak up for our Jewish brothers and sisters. Agreeing with other responses; it is imperative to remove this ‘higher than thou’ outlook in the christian community when our bible’s roots are undeniably Judeo and Hebraic. We cannot call ourselves Christians if we quote David’s psalms yet fail to recognize Israel and its people. The best way to combat supersessionism and antisemitism will be through reformative education in our local churches and the historical teachings of not just our faith but the hebraic beginnings of our faith via the Jewish people. We should also learn the traditions, the family values, and find ways to build relationship with our Jewish communities as someone on here said, it is not Jew’s responsibility to teach themselves Christianity, it is our obligation to teach ourselves our biblical roots without this need to equalize everything and just do what is right!