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Reply To: After completing this course, do you agree with the statement, “Hebraic Thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in the history of humanity.” Why or why not?

Harrison Sillings

I would agree that Hebraic thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in human history because of it’s divine origins. Our scriptures were written in a way that need a specific worldview to interpret them properly. Our Bible is more than just words and events but it’s history, culture, ethics, morals, language, etc that work together to create the Hebraic worldview. A worldview we need to understand in order to understand God, what He likes, what He doesn’t like, and the why behind all of it. Not that the Hebraic worldview is the only way to interpret and there’s certainly other traditions that influence the way we read our Bible and understand God. But everything needs to go back to “what did the author actually mean?” Which will always bring us back to the Hebraic tradition which is maybe the most valuable tool most have never heard of.