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Reply To: In Lecture 2, Dr. Dru Johnson mentions that there has been a decline in biblical literacy in the Church. After taking this course, what are some recommendations you would give to church leadership to increase biblical literacy?

Jessica Lippe

Hi Kasey,

I have successfully read through the Bible twice in my life. How many times did I make it a goal to read through the Bible? Many more times. In both of my cover-to-cover readings, I kind of made my own rules instead of the rules I always heard to read the Bible. The first time, I decided to try to read four chapters per day and allow the occasional grace day when needed. I often ended up reading more than four chapters because I was able to see how the bigger story connected. Years later, I decided to read through the Bible in a month, and while I wasn’t going slow enough to catch many of the details, I was able to notice recurring themes I had never seen before. I especially like your dream of reading with friends, because I think that discussion will deepen the impact.