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Reply To: Did any of the similarities or differences between Christian and Jewish theology surprise you? If so, which/why?

James Haire

It’s a real shame that all of their hopes and dreams are on the temporal things of this life, perhaps that is why they are looking for a savior of this worlds make. I believe they have failed to see the difference between the first and second coming. They skip the first coming and were looking solely for the second which is why they missed it. I think perhaps a failed part on the Christians is to see this with animosity or be repulsed by it, I would argue it should draw pity. They are only cheating themselves out of something priceless and eternal, perhaps much of the fault lies at the foot of Christian Europe for their aggression instead of care. The Whole “Christ Killers” thing is rather silly given had he not been killed we would have no forgiveness and to hold an entire group accountable for the transgressions of a few is folly. Catholics don’t like to be called boy lovers with a blanket statement because the vast majority of their clergymen are diaper divers. I have grown up around a lot of people who have hated Jews but I could never quite understand why. I have never had much interaction with them nor have I ever had an issue to draw animosity. Whatever the actions of the Jews have been the merits of the scripture which they were entrusted with long ago has won the favor in my heart and my reverence for the God who gave it to them. I love ancient history and when I study there truly is no God like the one Israel had.