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Reply To: In the first lecture, Dr. McDermott teaches that the Bible is one story, and that God upholds his covenant with the Jewish people to this very day. Was this what you were taught growing up? If not, how will this insight change the way you read the bible going forward?

Jessica Lippe

Anastasia, I enjoyed reading about your SBC background. Although I was raised nondenominational and still consider myself nondenominational, the church that I currently attend is not only SBC, but was founded by one of the authors of Left Behind. This church does take annual trips to Israel, but they do not visit Palestinian regions and it the itinerary looks like it is focused primarily on Biblical historical sites rather than including modern Israel. I have not traveled with the church, but I have with Passages and was thankful for the perspective they provided. Of course, with the online coursework they provided and the on-the-ground sessions, I learned what the organization wanted me to learn, it truly did help me think for myself about matters such as the Jewish covenant.