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Reply To: In the first lecture, Dr. McDermott teaches that the Bible is one story, and that God upholds his covenant with the Jewish people to this very day. Was this what you were taught growing up? If not, how will this insight change the way you read the bible going forward?

Jessica Lippe

At the first church I attended, which I attended for over six years, I was taught essentially the same thing that Dr. McDermott teaches. (I say “essentially” as I was a child at the time and likely did not fully understand any of the differences there may have been.) But at the subsequent churches I attended, little to nothing was taught about the Jewish people. If I asked, most people would have probably told me that the Jews were a chosen people by God, but they would not be able to elaborate on what that meant. The insight I obtained from this course has given me a much better understanding. It is already affecting my prayer life, being thankful that God does not change and that he keeps his promises. And I’m sure it will give new meaning to my Bible-reading as well, adding importance to the Old Testament and giving framework for the New Testament.