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Reply To: How did this course shape or change your perceptions of the modern Near East as a whole?

Andrew Langford

I discovered from taking this course Near Eastern security dynamics are more complex than I previously thought. I realized with taking this course more big players are involved in the Near East than I initially thought there were involved. The Near East has been a front between the West and the USSR in the Cold War. The Near East continues being a front in a power struggle between the United States and Russia.
Iran has been a cause of political instability in Lebanon and Yemen. Iran is a major sponsor of Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority in their warfare against Israel.
Turkey is a major cause of concern in Near Eastern security dynamics. Turkey remains pragmatic. But, it is drifting away from the EU and the West as it takes an independent course of action separate from the West. Israel and Armenia are at risk in the Near East. Various actors are hostile to Israel. Azerbeijan poses a security threat to Armenia.