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Reply To: What were your primary takeaways after reading “Lebanon: Past Challenges, Present Calamities, Future Prospects”? Is there hope for preserving a pluralistic Lebanon in the future?

Andrew Langford

I certainly agree. I would point some things out as well.
I feel what we really learn from the Pathfinder Courses we have taken how power is neutral. Power is inevitable and unavoidable. Power is evil only when it is used for evil ends. We have clearly seen this in Lebanon with the Sunni Ascendancy of 1990 to 2005 and the Shiite Ascendancy of 2005 to the present day. Power could and should be used for good. Power should be embraced. We have seen how power has been used for good in Lebanon with the Maronites.
The other thing I would point out as well from the lecture is in the need for a Creative Federalism in Lebanon. We see a deep need for a constitutionally grounded Federalism in Lebanon. Once again, this goes back to the use of political power for good. Federalism liberates humanity.