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Reply To: Are there elements of ancient and/or modern Near Eastern Christianity that are present in your own church/faith life? If so, what are they? If not, would you be open to implementing any?

Andrew Langford

I would say there are some elements of mostly the ancient Near Eastern Christianity in my Church and my faith life. My Church is organized around the same structure as it was in the New Testament as it was formed by Jesus. We have certain practices in my Church that are similar to what we find present in ancient Near Eastern Christianity. The Sacrament is among those practices we have on a weekly basis in my Church on Sunday. I attend weekly Church services every week on Sunday with other members of my faith. The Bible in its entirety with the Old Testament and the New Testament are included in the Standard Works of my Church.
My faith as I live it in my personal life are similar to Near Eastern Christianity in a number of ways as well. I believe Christianity is to be practiced and lived as we are taught in scripture. So, I strive to live what I am taught in my religious faith. I incorporate the doctrines of Christianity and Atonement of Jesus Christ in my personal life as sanctifying and purifying forces to prepare for the Kingdom of God.