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Reply To: After completing this course, do you agree with the statement, “Hebraic Thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in the history of humanity.” Why or why not?

Andrew Langford

I agree Hebraic Thought is the greatest intellectual tradition in human history because it contains answers to questions that could not be found in other philosophies. The Hebraic intellectual tradition has a way of tackling contemporary issues of the day other intellectual traditions are unable to adequately address.
Hebraic Thought is found throughout the Torah and the Bible. The Torah and Bible are more than scripture with simply doctrine being taught. But, Hebraic Scripture contain and include the Law of God, the Creation account, and wisdom on legal and political matters we are or could be confronted with.
The Hebraic intellectual tradition includes and involves repetition, theme, and pattern. Certain concepts are repeated with emphasis on the importance of those concepts. Hebraic Thought additionally teaches the same concepts from different perspectives in the Torah and Bible.
The Old Testament and the New Testament are consistent with the teachings and the doctrines. The same God speaks in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Constancy, consistency, and universality are key features of the Hebraic literary tradition.