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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Latice Jefferson

This leader ship is very important.it teaches us how to follow Jesus and what is expected from us as leaders. It also defines what being a true christian really is. These matters are very important in order for us to be able to lead properly. Spiritual foundations are very important in the world we live in today. spiritual leadership is very much needed and depended upon.This course really enlightened me on the role i could play in the life of others as a leader and public figure. leadership is important for religion. studying the examples of bible characters enlightens us as to what is to be expected from our father in heaven.Jesus is a perfect example of gods love for man kind. as fellow believers we should prepare for thy kingdom to come. as a leader i would like to be dependable and reliable.the more christ like the better.i enjoyed this course and it was a pleasure.