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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Josh Holt

This is a great and kind of challenging question for me. As a confessed introvert I really don’t have many relationships with Christians from other traditions. These readings really challenged my thinking, as I grew up with the impression that the way I experienced church, faith, and Jesus was the right way (or even the ‘more’ right way) and the others were too traditional focused on ceremony and their rituals and not solely Jesus. I am a friendly person but this framework might have caused some separation from me and other Christian/Jewish traditions. Having said that, I think the challenge will be to observe more, ask more and experience more. I hope to observe those of different Christian traditions with the intent to engage/experience more which will force me to ask more questions. I hope to travel more locally and abroad so that I can put this into practice.

The required YouTube video we had to watch (Musical Aramaic rendition of the Our Father that moved the pope in Georgia) has really sparked me to begin doing this. As a creative, to see others experiencing Jesus in such a beautifully creative way using beautiful vocals amongst a community of believers was beyond powerful to watch.