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Reply To: How, if at all, will you take the information you’ve learned in this course and apply it to how you read and interpret scripture? What, if anything, will you pass along to your own community?

Josh Holt

Well, for starters I will lean into more Jewish scholarly work and traditions. I am in higher education, and early fall of last year a faculty member and colleague of mine, who teaches a Torah class, loaned me a Hebrew bible filled with commentary. Sadly I have barely read or used it other than to spot check some things I cant even remember. This has urged me to really press into this resource as I begin to study more this summer while students are off campus. This massive book is a little daunting but I hope it to help change some things in me that I cannot myself. My hope is that I can engage the people around me and help point them to a new (rediscovered) way, a better way of approaching the text, thought, and history of their faith. I pray that leaning into this with others, the lord reveal more of himself to me. Maranatha.