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Reply To: Have you been exposed to harmful antisemitic tropes about Jewish control over finances or foreign policy? After participating in this course, how would you go about responding to these tropes if you encounter them?

Erik Nilsen

Well said, Daniel.

Last year, a 16-year-old student from Ramallah Friends School in Ramallah, Palestine, named Shadi Khouri, was arrested, held without charge, and beaten by the Israeli military. Thankfully, he was finally released a few months ago. The Ramallah Friends School is affiliated with the Friends (Quakers), a historically pacifist Christian movement. I attend an Evangelical Friends church, myself.

When I heard about Shadi’s captivity, I wrote several letters to various Israeli politicians petitioning for his release. I made it clear that I was neither challenging Israel’s right to exist nor its right to self-preservation, but simply that the false imprisonment and torture of a 16-year-old Quaker served neither of those ends. I also appealed to the Torah’s frequently repeated charge to treat the foreigner to the same degree of justice as the Israelite, and God’s warning against dealing with foreigners unjustly.