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Reply To: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of UAV weaponry in the Near East? How do you think technological advancements will continue to shape warfare globally?

Victoria Evans

The Advantages and Disadvantages of UAV Weaponry in the Near East
The development of UAV weaponry has advantages and disadvantages that shape warfare in the Near East and globally. The benefits of UAVs are that they are low-cost and good for gathering intelligence. Their small size allows the vehicles to stealthily utilize cameras in hard-to-reach locations with smaller chances of being detected. Because of their affordability, it is also easier for nations to purchase a larger number of UAVs. More weaponry means a better defense system. The deficiencies of UAVs are that they have limited range and often less firepower. They do not have the sensing capabilities or endurance that an aircraft or satellite would provide. UAVs are also more easily defeated than other weaponry such as a jet. These technological advancements have allowed greater capabilities for a smaller cost granting accessibility. Nations who do not have the funds as some of the world powers can still possess modern, innovative weaponry such as UAVs.