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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Matthew Burton

Hebraic leadership seeks to view the world through a Biblical lens. Specifically, that is the Hebrew lens through which Jesus would have viewed the world. A Hebraic leader orients his view toward Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a special city to our faith. While this was certainly the case in Jesus’ day, a Hebraic leader understands this holds true today, as Jerusalem is soon to be the real physical capital of God’s Kingdom on earth. Further, a Hebraic leader understands that, while God is ultimately sovereign, he or she has the ability to enact great change through positive leadership and engagement. The Hebraic leader does not sit back passively expecting someone else to do the work. Through understanding and embracing these perspectives, the Hebraic leader has the ability to enact great change for the Kingdom of God not only in the Near East but wherever the Gospel of Christ needs preached.