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Reply To: Are there elements of ancient and/or modern Near Eastern Christianity that are present in your own church/faith life? If so, what are they? If not, would you be open to implementing any?

Brandon Showalter

I’d absolutely be open to incorporating them into my spirituality and life but I think I’d want to understand the differences more before I even try. The difference between the Eastern and Western both fascinates and mystifies me. I don’t know how to think in another way than the Western one and it’s not because I don’t value other cultures but it’s just not a part of life.

Aesthetics do matter to me and it seems like the Eastern Churches place a higher priority on that and I appreciate it. Would be interested into finding what it is that informs the differences between them.

I’d be willing to learn more music that Eastern Church types sing, read their liturgies, study the theological paradigms, read more of the history and trace the roots back to Jesus. I’d also interview Eastern Christians to learn more and hear how their faith has guided them through life.