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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Brandon Showalter

It is interesting to consider “neighborhood” in the digitized world as a journalist who lives in the DC area and I don’t know my actual neighbors. Nevertheless, loving ones neighbors and seeking the good of the city — as the prophet Jeremiah called the exiles to do — is a must.

The neighborhood in which I work is the media and it is a weighty calling to be charged with transcribing the first draft of history on a regular basis and give shape to public discourse in a way that points people to God. More challenging is to embody an encounter with the Living God, to represent Him well to all those around me amid an intensifying spiritual darkness that pervades the land. This must be done while being mindful that the United States, and Washington, DC in particular, is not the final destination. Indeed, the Kingdom that Jesus the Anointed One inaugurated has never stopped advancing and until He returns in Glory, we must seek Him diligently.