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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Kari McDowell

The biggest influence on my thinking in this area is an excellent book by one of my Multnomah University professors, Dr. Rex Koivisto, called One Lord, One Faith: A Theology of Cross-Denominational Renewal. Dr. Koivisto argues that believers need to prioritize theological issues into “core orthodoxy” (the Gospel, items in the Apostles Creed, etc.) and lesser issues and to be willing to recognize others as believers who hold to “core orthodoxy” and work with them, even if we disagree on lesser issues. I was blessed to be involved in a number of multi-denominational organizations and to attend Multnomah University, where we were encouraged to visit various types of churches. So I am now super passionate about this issue.

1. Since moving to my now-hometown, 3 years ago, I have visited a number of churches of other denominations, and each time I sought to connect with the congregants and pastor/priest. I want to continue doing that as I am able.
2. I am currently teaching at a denominationally affiliated Bible college. I want to get to know my students, see if they come from different traditions, and ask them how their experience has been attending a denominational college.
3. As I am able to do so, I want to get involved in multi-denominational organizations in town. I could start by attending Children of Abraham (interfaith dialogue), which includes many Christians from various groups.