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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Maggie Tynan

My neighborhood is one that does not immediately come to mind when thinking of a place to exhibit Hebraic leadership. However, that makes it the perfect place to living it out. I live in an area that is safe, but becomes much less so as you expand out a few blocks. There are many car jackings, homeless people, and drug use. As a Hebraic leader, I know that I am called to engage with this community. The challenge is not how to engage with it, there are many obvious ways (keeping our house and yard tidy, extending this hospitality and cleanliness to the street and those around us, smiling and saying hello when we see our neighbors, etc.) but the real challenge is how to do this safely. As a young female in this neighborhood, it is not wise to invite others into my home, or to try and minister to the homeless who is stung out. Much of my being a Hebraic leader in this neighborhood will involve working with the other Christians around me to minister, and to fully rely on the Lord for Him to show me how to lead. Additionally, much of this leadership will come down to being a spiritual leader – spiritual battles must be fought with spiritual weapons, and many of the problems in my neighborhood are just as spiritual as they are physical. In order to lead, I must equip myself and my community with those spiritual weapons.