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Reply To: In Lecture 2, Dr. Dru Johnson mentions that there has been a decline in biblical literacy in the Church. After taking this course, what are some recommendations you would give to church leadership to increase biblical literacy?

Christina Sturgeon

Hey Griffin! The community part of your reading plan suggestion is crucial, in my opinion. My parents and I have been going through the Bible in a Year podcast together and it has been such a beautiful time of insights, questions, and growth. My mom, dad and I each see different details/connections in the various old and new testament passages which has all helped enriched our communal understanding of the book. I also led high school students and found many didn’t know what diving into scripture looked like; they would only open their bibles if they were told to or to read a couple verses to “check off” a daily quiet time. I’m hopeful about this new generation though and would love to see more folks open up about their experiences and thoughts.