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Reply To: What were the “three ascendancies?” How did these ascendancies lead to the current situation in Lebanon?

Titus Hobbs

Lebanon’s 20th century is divided into three very distinct and unique periods of history. First, there was the Christian ascendancy that lasted between the years of 1920-1975. This period is often considered a golden age. A time when peace, economic stability and growth happened for the majority of the country. Towards the end of this time, the Christians in charge began to make more and more concessions to their Muslim counterparts and created cracks in the fabric of their society. Then in the 1970’s a war broke out that brought about the next period of ascendancy. The next ascendancy was the Sunni Ascendancy that lasted from 1990-2005. This period was largely marked by decline and setbacks for Lebanon. The unrest and decline of this time brought out the next ascendancy which was the Shiite/Hezbollah that has lasted from 2005 to the present day time. This period has largely brought in outside influences such as Iran, the PLO, and other bad actors along with massive corruption that has been disastrous for the country of Lebanon. Their actions, embezzlement, and disastrous policies have virtually ended the middle class and brought about widespread decay and suffering throughout the country that we see today.