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Reply To: Have you ever consciously or subconsciously used your faith to examine foreign policy? Was it harmful or helpful? Please elaborate.

Titus Hobbs

I know I have definitely used my faith to formulate my opinions and beliefs for foreign policy. As someone who changed their beliefs from a hyper-isolationist to a more involved aspect of foreign policy (from a US involvement perspective}, I found my beliefs to both be largely helpful in a variety of ways.
The main way it has been helpful is how I regard individuals and their value, which in turn affects how I view foreign policy. First, as a Christian, I believe all humans are made in the image of God and have intrinsic, unique value with an eternal soul. This belief has in part led to my change from hyper-isolationism, to a view that seeks to care for others. While I have my hesitancies regarding our Governments ability to adequately provide care, especially regarding Foreign Policy, I do believe in my own personal responsibility to pursue and advocate for foreign policies that are beneficial.