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Reply To: What are some of the issues with which we, as Christians, can find common ground with Muslims? How can we engage and unite on those issues?

Blake Seitz

Christians can find common ground with Muslims at a theological level and a political level.

In terms of theology, we share a common starting point in Abraham. We share a belief in the one-ness of God–though of course, Christians have the doctrine of the Trinity, as well. We share reverence for Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. We share an obligation to charity. Even the Muslim ‘salah,’ or daily prayer, has an analogue in the Liturgy of the Hours prayed by many Catholics. These are adequate grounds for dialogue and fruitful discussion.

In terms of politics, Christians and Muslims can make common cause against secular forces in the West. As a defensive schema, we can defend each others’ freedom of religion and ability to live faithfully in the public sphere. We can also stand together in opposing obvious sicknesses of liberal society such as abortion and transgenderism. Here, religious belief is useful because it grounds believers in a pre-modern tradition of thought, which includes deep reflections on human dignity, the sexes, etc. Conservative Christians and Muslims have been at loggerheads, politically, since 9/11 and the War on Terror. There is no reason this split has to persist, however. In 2000, George W. Bush won half of the Muslim vote. That could well happen again. Engaging Muslims should be a priority of conservative Christian political organizing.