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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?


I took the first four courses back in 2021 and now I’m coming back to take these two new ones and that course specifically really blessed me. The concept of a Hebraic leader has enlarged my understanding of our role as leaders and the depth of the history that is behind us gives me perspective of the great and wonderful plan that our God is developing throughout history.
Besides being a young pastor and traveling to some countries with prayer training, on a daily basis I work on rescuing women trapped in prostitution.
Most of the time people reach us wanting to volunteer in the ministry, and the first class of this course just described the maps that people use when they get to us. Barbaric and Hellenistic maps are the way people look at these women, as the ones that are beasts in the jungle that only need food and a new job or they look at them as someone that is not good enough and have not yet understood thru reason the place that they are. The definition of the Hebraic map fits just right in our work, we are a living link between heaven and earth.
We are not there because they just need another job, they need to be guided by a servant leader that is willing to wash their feet. Approach conflict and engage the world as it is, while affirming what the world ought to be, give us clarity in confusion and free us from the burden to resolve everything now because we know that soon He is coming back, at the end of history.