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Reply To: In your opinion, why is it important for Christians to stand up for religious freedom for people of all faiths, and not just our own?

Joe Suh

Christians may have many reasons for advocating for religious freedom for people of all faiths. Christians are called to love their neighbors as themselves, and to love is to respect their right to practice their own faith without fear of persecution or discrimination. Christians may view the freedom to practice a faith of one’s choosing as an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and build relationships with people from different religious backgrounds in order to reach people of all nations, languages, tribes, and tongues. Defending religious freedom for all faiths is a way to safeguard the right to worship without fear of persecution or discrimination for all, including the right of Christians to do the same. Advocating for religious freedom for all can help establish a society that values and protects the rights of all people, irrespective of their religious beliefs, and allow people to seek and to find the Kingdom of God in their own unique, personal way – in spirit and in truth – free from undue burden and pressure.