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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Robert Burkett

I live in an apartment building where the package room is extraordinarily disorganized. Finding a package is frustrating because there is no sense of order or organization. Packages are simply left on the floor and the shelves in no coherent fashion. Further, the building’s management has largely disregarded the concerns of all the residents and essentially refused to remedy the problem. The course emphasized the importance of taking responsibility and promoting positive engagement with my neighbors as part of Hebraic leadership. I plan to go downstairs to provide some semblance of order to the package room below, including by cleaning up a mess that was carelessly left by someone else, and re-arranging the packages so that they can all be easily seen and accessed. While it may not be all that major or significant, it would require only a little effort on my end and would significantly reduce stress for myself and others in the short-term.