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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?


The way I am going to exhibit Hebraic leadership in my community and neighborhood is by leading by example and doing what is needed, but also going the extra mile and helping where help is needed and not asked because with Hebraic leadership. It’s all about being the leader, being the most helpful, going the extra mile, and being a faithful follower of Christ, and by helping those who can’t help themselves, which is leading as God wants us to live and helping the neighbor and loving my neighbor, as thy self so doing simple things like offering to do yardwork for your neighbor, small steps to becoming a faithful follower of Christ by using Hebraic leadership and going on that extra steps and those extra miles to ensure that people know that you’re there for them and that God is working through you. You have the possibility to get people to follow Christ if they are not followers and show them how great God is.