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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Josue Valadez

Antisemitism is when people treat Jewish people unfairly or hate them just because they are Jewish. Supersessionism is the belief that Christianity has replaced Judaism and that Jews are no longer important to God.
To combat antisemitism and supersessionism in our own Christian community, we can do a few things. Firstly, we need to educate ourselves about Judaism and Jewish history so that we can better understand and appreciate the Jewish people and their culture. We should also try to make friends with Jewish people and get to know them better.
Another thing we can do is to speak out against antisemitism whenever we see it. If we hear someone making a joke or saying something mean about Jewish people, we can speak up and tell them that it’s not okay.
We can also make an effort to celebrate Jewish holidays and traditions in our own communities. This can help to promote understanding and respect between Christians and Jews.
Lastly, we should pray for peace and understanding between all people, regardless of their religion or background.