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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Benjamin Roat

Hebraic leadership is a struggle in many ways. It’s a battle between our world and the world of the kingdom. We see throughout the readings the struggle that Abraham and Jesus undergo. To me they struggle because in this world humans are bombarded by all sorts of sins to tear us away from orienting ourselves on the Kingdom that is to come. We are called to prepare for that kingdom and as a result learn from our descendants. We must view history through the theological lense, understanding the struggle and hardships but also seeing the order God ordained for the universe. It is the job of Hebraic leadership to prepare ourselves and others for a desire for God and his order that he brings in a chaotic world. However as humans we must acknowledge we can only do as much as God allows and we are not responsible for solving humanities woes. Hebraic leadership takes time and patience as on must focus on God’s word. One must really appreciate the beauty of his creation and acknowledge His presence in creation requires us to lead and treat others. Hebraic leadership is humble in a way as one should not try to limit another’s will as a Hebraic leader is a shepherd not a master. We must accept that perhaps the way we do things and see things is not absolute and must be altered to be more in line with God and his will. Hebraic leadership is not a solitary journey as those who go on this journey must accompany and aid one another.