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Reply To: In Lecture 2, Dr. Dru Johnson mentions that there has been a decline in biblical literacy in the Church. After taking this course, what are some recommendations you would give to church leadership to increase biblical literacy?

Hailey Hancock

Hi Ana, I like how you emphasized bringing the Hebrew back. An alternate meaning of a single word can change the whole context of a verse and open up a whole new way of seeing the world. We are used to reading books written in English and how we read them is typically how they’re written to be understood. The Bible is different in that we really need to explore the meaning behind words, who wrote them, when they were written, etc. I think it’s even a good idea to read multiple translations of the Bible, not just NIV, ESV, or KJV. It is also important to read the Bible with others as they may have a different insight than you and will challenge you. Perhaps church leaders should be encouraged to offer classes, either in person or online, in Biblical Greek and Hebrew or at least how to best conduct a word study.